February 2022 – Birmingham – bullying claims

Sarah was instructed to advise a senior member of the management team after she was removed from her position and demoted after making bullying allegations. Following initial advice we commenced ACAS early conciliation and commenced negotiations with the employer to effect an exit under agreed terms. We wrote a letter before action and managed to agree an exit for the client. The starting point was that she did not want to return from sick leave and saw her position as untenable. There was no offer but she did not simply want to walk away as she had long service. The initial offer meant that the employer agreed to an exit and offered 3 months’ notice and £20,000 compensation payment. The case concluded with another month on the payroll and the client getting more than double the original offer of over £46,000 in addition to her 3 months’ notice pay. The client did need to make a contribution to legal fees of around £1,500 plus VAT due to the low employer’s contribution but this time resulted in the offer more than doubling so the client was very happy.