January 2020 – Mr L

Just before Christmas Mr L received a settlement agreement at his request to end his employment for ill health reasons. He was given a contribution of £500 plus VAT towards legal fees and was quite happy with the sums on offer of one month’s notice and two months ex gratia payment since he was choosing to leave. In addition, his termination date was in the past and his holiday equated to nearly another month’s salary.

We advised him that we did not consider the settlement agreement to be high enough and agreed to negotiate on his behalf to settle the claims we advised he could have. As a result of those
negotiations we were able to double the ex gratia sum on offer and increase the termination date by two weeks to give him more money and secure more holiday for him.

The client was very happy as had he not sought our advice then he would have taken the offer made to him.

The client paid a small contribution to legal fees of less than 1% of the increase he received and was very pleased to have found us.