March 22 – Northampton – final deal three times higher

The client brought Sarah in at an early stage to assist with a mutually agreed exit following a period of ill-health. The client had a complex package as is standard for senior executives but the Company had recently reorganised its equity following a public offering and working out what entitlement the client had under the new equity scheme compared to the older scheme made this matter more complex.

The client had ongoing medical treatment and was able to secure a host of additional benefits or cash for the same including £15,000 expressly to cover medical insurance premiums, extended holiday and a longer termination date. The notice was paid as a lump sum and bonuses secured. In addition, there was a relaxation of the restrictive covenants and the release of some IP behind documents the client created for the Company so she would use these in coaching and training going forward under a white label. The final deal was almost three times higher at the end than initial indications excluding the significant equity that the client was able to retain and cash in.