Does my employer pay my legal fees under a settlement agreement?

There is no legal requirement for them to do so but it is custom and practice. We have only ever come across two such agreements without a contribution in all our year’s practising employment law and the hundreds of agreements we have advised on. To not do so is very rare.

Where your employer makes such a contribution this can be anything from £350 – £500 plus VAT as normal which will normally cover the initial meeting. The average agreement takes around £500-750 plus VAT of time to conclude as it is rare that the agreement requires no amendments at all. The amount of time it requires and thus cost depends on the number of amendments required and whether negotiations are required. This will be discussed with you at the initial appointment. You can also see more about our fair billing policy and guarantee in the fees section of this website.

Whatever the contribution, we invoice your employer direct for their contribution. Whilst as our client ultimately you are responsible for our fees when the agreement concludes we simply invoice your employer. If for some reason the agreement becomes abortive and you decide not to proceed you will need to pay our fees but we cap these sums at the level of your employer’s contribution.

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