I have had a settlement agreement before so can I just sign this one?

Although we try to make it as simple as possible we still have to satisfy our professional duties and take you through the agreement and ensure that we have given the statutory advice and you understand it. We are confident that other solicitors will also need to take you through the process. If you highlight this to your solicitor this is not your first time it can reduce some of the explanations needed.

You will need to seek advice this time as the advice you received previously will not cover the professional requirements. This agreement is also likely to differ to some degree from the last one as it would not be normal to have two from the same employer. The format may be largely the same and the effect of signing it the same in terms of pursing your rights but the terms will differ and you need to have advice on those terms and their effects.

There is nothing to stop you using the same solicitor provided they meet the definition of a relevant independent adviser still and thus do not now act for the employer who you are leaving this time around. Indeed, some of our clients have had more than one agreement under which we have given advice in their career. Some of our senior employee clients are repeat clients as they were satisfied with our service first time around.

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