Kettering Settlement Agreement Solicitor

From my office in Raunds, I am ideally places for clients in Kettering who have been offered a settlement agreement. I am part of a large team of employment lawyers all with substantial experience in employment law and I have over 12 years experience of working on Settlement Agreements.

On 99% of all Settlement Agreements cases I have been able to get a better deal

I can only recall one or two examples where my client (the employee) has ever signed the original first draft of the settlement agreement. I guarantee that if I can’t get you a better deal on your settlement agreement, then I’ll charge you no more than is in the agreement by way of your employer’s contribution to your legal fees.

You will find my rates highly competitive and based on my locality, not the higher London rates you would expect from the office address.

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is the same as the old style compromise agreement which existed for many years. It is a legal agreement whereby you agree to waive any claims you may have against your employer in exchange for payment under the agreement. There are many standard clauses and it is a legal requirement in order to get a binding agreement that you seek legal advice from a relevant independent advisor (a qualified solicitor being one such example) and it is normal for your employer to meet the cost of that advice or at least a contribution to it.

At what stage can you instruct me?

I can be formally instructed at a number of stages. Some employees have a fixed fee appointment with me whereby they are looking for advice on issues at work and one of the options is for them to seek a settlement agreement as an agreed resolution to those issues. Some of the issues people face at work are so great that they simply cannot face returning to work or remaining there. Others instruct me to negotiate on their behalf during the process and others instruct me to advice on the agreement itself once a deal has been done. It is an entirely personal preference.

Who can provide the legal advice?

Whilst it is a legal requirement that you obtain legal advice, there is no requirement that the solicitor actually practices employment law. The requirement does not extend to the practising area of the solicitor. A solicitor specialising in any area of law, even something unconnected like wills, can advise on a settlement agreement.

Why should you instruct me?

In 99% of cases I have been able to add value to the agreement by increasing the package, changing the terms to be more favourable to the employee or bringing tax savings. Sometimes more than one improvement can be achieved. I am that confident of adding value, that I am prepared to publicly state that I charge you no more than is in the agreement by way of your employer’s contribution to your legal fees if I don’t. So the risk is mine and you take the benefit of my experience. What have you got to lose?

So if you have a settlement agreement, I can look at adding value for you. I am based near Kettering but act for clients all over the UK. So contact me if you want a solicitor to look at your settlement agreement that is:
• Experienced in employment law;
• Has a proven track record for adding value;
• Will not charge you more than your employer will pay if the agreement is not improved in some way;


t: 01832 776464