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If you have been offered a settlement agreement and are looking for a settlement agreement Solicitor for Bath or if you are looking for an employment solicitor look no further. We can help you.

We have provided settlement agreement advice to a number of clients in the Bath area. We can provide advice on your settlement agreement by telephone or via video appointment. You will find our rates highly competitive and based on our locality not the higher London rates you would expect from the registered office address.

On 93% of all Settlement Agreements cases we have been able to get a better deal

Your Settlement Agreement team

We are a team of experienced employment solicitors with over 50 years of employment law experience between us.  One of the settlement agreement solicitors will assist you with your case.  The primary solicitor will be Sarah King, a solicitor with over 20 years’ experience of advising on settlement agreements.

Sarah Settlement Agreement Solicitor

Sarah, or one of the Excello Law team, can help negotiate the best possible exit for you.  On 93% of all Settlement Agreements cases we have been able to get a better deal for our clients either financially or enhancing the terms.

Some of our reviews

"A very professional, caring, understanding and brilliant service, always fighting my corner. Genuinely caring for my well being and getting the right outcome. Just amazing."

Your choice for Bath Settlement Agreement Advice

We are a team of experienced employment solicitors who will provide you with the required advice as to the terms and the effect on your ability to pursue your rights before an Employment Tribunal if you do sign the settlement agreement.

However, all included in the fee is much more.

You will also have the opportunity to talk through your case and whether the package is adequate. The team's vast experience means we also know what terms we would expect to see and the clauses we should be asking for in your unique case. You have nothing to lose – you get an expert for less.

If you are still unsure what to do next you can have a look at frequently asked questions or review our fees policy

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Bath Settlement Agreement Case Study

April 2023 – Bath – release from restrictions

The client instructed us to advise on a settlement agreement. We provided initial advice to enable the client to negotiate the sums. Once the draft settlement agreement was received we were still able to make additional improvements. We secured a release from his restrictive covenants on where he could work after the termination and also a reduction in the time periods for all restrictions given there was to be a period of garden leave which was very valuable for the client who worked in sales. We secured another quarter’s commission for him and also removed other unfavourable terms. There was no contribution from the client in legal fees and this was covered by his employer.