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Welcome to settlement agreement solicitor, the dedicated website of specialist employment solicitor, Sarah King of Excello Law Ltd.

Sarah King is part of a large employment law team who specialise in settlement agreements.  Either Sarah or one of the experienced employment lawyers can assist in advising you.

All our solicitors are highly experienced in advising on settlement agreements (previously called compromise agreements).  Sarah is highly ranked in the Legal 500.

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What is a Settlement Agreement?

A settlement agreement (previously called a compromise agreement) is a contract offered to you by your employer under which it is normal that you exit the business in exchange for an agreed package and an agreement not to take them to tribunal.

A settlement agreement used to be called a compromise agreement so you may have heard of this phrase instead.

It is a requirement that you have legal advice on the agreement from a solicitor in order for it to be valid. Certain trade union representatives can also give legal advice.  We can provide that advice to you as your settlement agreement solicitor.

Your employer makes a contribution to the legal fees enabling you to take this advice. So contact us your settlement agreement solicitors, or use this website to find out more.

Choosing a settlement agreement solicitor

There are many other settlement agreement lawyers out there.

How do you know which settlement agreement solicitor would be best placed to help?

Your lawyer/solicitor should be :

☑ an expert in employment law

☑ have experience of advising on these settlement agreements

☑ have a proven track record for adding value and getting a better deal agreed for you from the contract

We tick all these boxes. Any solicitor can explain the contract to you term by term but it is important that the final package agreed represents a fair deal to you in the circumstances.

If you sign a settlement agreement you cannot usually bring an employment tribunal claim against your employer so you need to ensure that the contract offered is the best option. To provide you with advice on a contract such as a settlement agreement, we use our experience in employment law, tribunals and negotiating for our clients to get the best package.

Client Feedback

“I really really appreciate how reliable, available, and efficient you have been through this process, especially at a time of the year when you were also an annual leave.
It has been a difficult situation for me and a great relief to know you were working on my case and by my side, with my best interest in mind at all times, also making sure the legal fees wouldn’t impact me too much financially.
I am satisfied with the outcome and very grateful for your great work ... I feel very lucky to have found you.”

Settlement Agreement case study

"Mr J was employed by a large organisation who gave him a settlement agreement with his six months’ notice pay. We managed to resolve the tax treatment of this payment which was incorrect in the settlement agreement and would have left him open to a claw back under the tax indemnity and secure an additional £12,000 for him as compensation as well as an additional six months use of the Company car.  In this case the employee paid no personal contribution to the settlement agreement and the employer paid our fees direct."

Frequently asked Settlement Agreement questions

On our FAQ page we have compiled a list of questions we are often asked about settlement agreements. You can click on each question to find out more. Anything else you've like to know? Get in touch with us, your settlement agreement solicitors.

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